01 // The Schwarz & Vogel Story

We’ll concentrate on finding superb talent, you concentrate on being successful

When your business puts an emphasis on the skills and expertise a candidate is required to have, it’s because those skills and expertise will be invaluable to your business. At Schwarz & Vogel, we’ve always believed that the same idea should be applied to talent acquisition.

Our consultants are only selected based on the previous positions they’ve held within various industries. There’s no better way of understanding the requirements of a job than actually having done it. Because of their practical experience, our experts understand what our clients want, better than anyone else.

The speed at which Schwarz & Vogel can find your business the best talent will translate into increased efficiency within your recruitment process. Speed and increased efficiency not only deliver high quality candidates, they also reduce the cost of recruitment and drive growth.

02 // Our Process

The Talent Acquisition Service Your Business Can Expect

01 // Stage one

The Meeting

We believe that understanding our client’s company culture is a key factor when it comes to placing the right candidate. Company culture is a combination of elements that cannot be experienced by phone or email. That’s why we meet all of our potential clients in their offices before we do anything else.

02 // Stage two

The Discovery

Because we meet our clients before candidate discovery begins, we know exactly what type of candidate we need. Add this to our first hand industry knowledge and experience and you’ve got the highest quality agency, delivering the right candidates, faster than anyone else.

03 // Stage three

The Candidate

We will never put a candidate forward without meeting them in person first. This enables us to ensure that they have the right skills and expertise and that they’re a great fit for our client’s cultural environment.

03 // Our Experience

We’ll utilize actual industry experience to ensure your business secures the best possible talent

Our experts have over twenty years of experience within the technology industry working with large enterprises across multiple industries. We’ve actually performed the roles that your business now needs suitable candidates for. If we haven’t got first-hand experience of the vacancy you’re looking to fill, we’ve worked in a team where this role has been crucial.

We know your industry. We understand the skills and expertise your workforce are required to have. That’s why we’ll find better candidates, faster than any of our competitors.

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