01 // The Schwarz & Vogel Story

Changing the Game

The world has changed. The way that we do business has changed. What was normal before is being questioned now. We are redefining the recruitment industry by delivering professional recruitment services using an ‘as a service’ model.

Our clients are looking for a new approach. An honest, simple and effective way to source the highly skilled talent that they need.

Our unique Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model is allowing companies to focus more intently on things they need to offer potential employees.

Within the Tech industry today, businesses understand that to attract and retain the people they need, they have to offer so much more than just a salary and a benefits package.

Tech people are setting the bar very high when it comes to choosing the environments they wish to work in.

Inclusive environments that encourage collaborative working are now prerequisites for tech professionals.

Flexibility, personal development opportunities and platforms for active engagement are things they expect to hear when our consultants are pitching new roles.

The companies who choose us to attract talented people through their doors are incredibly focused on diversity, inclusion and equality.

With a current skills shortage across the sector, candidates are carefully choosing who they want to work for.

We have access to thousands of highly skilled Tech professionals across Europe. We are extremely proud of the trusted partnerships we have built with the companies and tech professionals that we serve.

02 // Our Process

3-Step Recruitment Service

01 // Stage one

The Meeting

We believe that understanding our client’s company culture is a key factor when it comes to placing the right candidate. Company culture is a combination of elements that cannot be experienced by phone or email. That’s why we meet all of our potential clients in their offices before we do anything else.

02 // Stage two

The Discovery

Because we meet our clients before candidate discovery begins, we know exactly what type of candidate we need. Add this to our first hand industry knowledge and experience and you’ve got the highest quality agency, delivering the right candidates, faster than anyone else.

03 // Stage three

The Candidate

We will never put a candidate forward without meeting them in person first. This enables us to ensure that they have the right skills and expertise and that they’re a great addition to our client’s cultural environment.

03 // Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

A Professional Service

We are professionals utilizing our industry experience and skills to deliver a service to our clients. 

We believe that recruitment consultancy is just like accountancy and legal services, in that we use our skills and time in order to solve a particular problem or fulfill a specific request.

We’ve listened to our clients, we know what they need. We’ve learnt that the traditional business models and pricing structures, used in our industry, are having a negative impact on our client’s businesses, the people they employ and wider economic activity.

‘As a Service’ models are based on the consumption of a particular service. We believe that our clients should only pay for our services when they are actually using them.

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) delivers substantial cost savings for our clients. These savings are being put to good use in a number of ways. Overall benefits associated with open positions are being improved. Investment is being made within the existing workforce, by way of training, development and upskilling.

Using RaaS allows businesses to attract even more talented people through their doors and retain even more of their existing workforce.

Contact us on +353 91 373 911 to arrange a free consultation and get RaaS working for your business. 

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