How will your business attract new talent in 2020?

With resourcing budgets in place and hiring plans being completed and signed off, it’s time to think about how to attract the top talent required for the coming year.

The European Commission expect Irish and UK economic growth due to slow during 2020, introducing efficiencies and cost savings within the recruitment process, will be one way to protect your business from the prevailing winds.

We’re offering a free recruitment consultation to help your business get ready for 2020.

During the consultation we’ll do the following:

– Review your 2020 hiring plan

– Assess the complexity and priority of each requirement

– Define 2020 goals and objectives (reduce cost, improve quality of candidates)

Following the free consultation, you’ll receive a detailed report that highlights ways in which we may be able to help your business in 2020, from cost savings and process improvements to bringing a wider range of qualified candidates forward for interview.

Call us on +353 91 373911 to arrange your free consultation.