01 // Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

Recruitment as a service is a unique and fresh approach to recruitment consulting. Schwarz & Vogel have developed RaaS in order to deliver outstanding recruitment services at an unbeatable price. RaaS is at the heart of what we do and forms the basis of all our recruitment services.

What impact does this have?

Clients that have used RaaS have sourced the highly skilled talent that they need much faster. They have saved up to 75% compared to the fees charged by all other agencies. They have redirected recruitment budget surplus into workforce development, retention and well-being initiatives. They have freed up HR and Talent Acquisition resources to spend time on other valuable projects.

SMEs that hire sporadically find that an ad hoc RaaS request works perfectly. A one-off recruitment project that’s affordable and one that delivers the highly skilled talent that they need.

New customers need to be able to trust a new business partner. We build that trust by executing an ad hoc RaaS request. This allows us to prove that we can deliver what we say we can. 100% of new customers that have tried RaaS have converted into partners and either continued to use RaaS on an ad hoc basis or they’ve decided to avail of one of our other services.

Our consultants are picked specifically for their industry experience and exposure. Because our consultants understand the industries our clients operate in, there is little or no onboarding required when we begin candidate discovery for a new client.

Because our consultants have worked within our client’s industries, they can connect with clients and candidates as industry professionals and not just recruiters. This is important because RaaS is charged using billable hours. The faster our consultants can deliver the right candidates, the more our clients will save.